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Simply Breathe



The beginning…

What happens when a Banker, a Counselling Psychologist and an Underwater Photographer get together?


After a dive holiday in the Maldives Karan Mehta, Michelle Pereira and Bhushan Bagadia found that their life purposes had a common theme of working towards the greater good of the Planet...


The Inspiration behind it…

Sometimes the waves at the surface are choppy, chaotic, and throw us off balance just like the whirlpools of thought that surge inside our minds. Plunging deep into the blue waters, descending to 100 feet, feeling the depth, we enter a state of clarity and stillness. A calmness we wish existed in our worlds...


What a holiday is like with Simply Breathe?

Most times we feel like we are on auto-pilot mode. Simply Breathe gives you an opportunity to take a pause from the urban buzz, disconnect from the grapples of technology, live like an Islander to truly connect with your own self and in turn with the heart of the Universe...


Come, fall in love with our Planet Earth.

What you love, you will protect with your heart and soul.


There are a few forthcoming Simply Breathe holidays in the Maldives, Thailand and South Africa. If you wish to take the plunge


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