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The Light of Awareness

3 nights/4 Days

04th Oct to 07th Oct

Location Mulshi, Maharshtra

Beginner and advanced meditators are welcome.


How can I be present to life as it flows?

How can I untangle myself from the endless thought cycles that leave me anxious and stress?
What about during the tougher times when the rug of life is swept from under my feet?
I am constantly searching for the next thing to satisfy me, only to reach it and look for the next thing.

When will I be truly happy?

How can I be kind to myself when I constantly am my best critic?

Who am I really?
What is the path to being free?


This meditation retreat is for those who wish to discover the wisdom that lies beneath these questions. It’s for those who are keen to practice or learn meditation, connect with nature and tap into their own deeper wisdom. If you have an intention to be at ease, feel joyful or peaceful this is for you. This is not another retreat to ‘transform’ or ‘improve you’ or ‘fix you’ but to simply help you return to being whole and complete.


Here we move beyond intellectual concepts, simply immerse in practices of mindfulness with kindfulness. Look forward to half a day of silence to create the ambience for deep diving into oneself. You will also have time alone to just relax with a book, play with puppies (fingers crossed), nap or simply watch clouds float by. There will be periods of sharing helping us to cultivate awareness while communicating, experiencing the power of deep listening. We practice mindfulness throughout the day, in this way our whole life is a meditation.



  • The nature of the human mind

  • The light of awareness

  • The right attitudes of mindfulness

  • Kindfulness - The pathway to compassion

  • Dealing with difficult emotions

  • Self- Enquiry

Meditation Practices

  • Zen meditations

  • Walking meditation

  • Tea meditation

  • Somatic and mindfulness of energy

  • Metta/ Loving Kindness meditation

  • Gratitude practice


  • Nature– forest bathing, sky gazing

  • Deep Listening Circles

  • Vegetarian and vegan meals

  • Gadget-free time

  • Alone time to reflect

  • Trip to swim in a pristine lake

  • 10-12 person retreat

  • Mindful Eating – silent lunch, dinner interactive

Retreat Location

A Saffron Stays homestay ‘Fragrant Sun’ in Mulshi Damn Area. 3-4 hours’ drive from Mumbai. As the monsoon recedes Mulshi turns into a valley of flowers, the brown mountains are now green and waterfalls flow with wild abandon; birds saunter through the last of the drizzle, leaving a trace of song through the crisp air, a loving reminder that seasons change.

We will be cosily tucked in a rustic home perched on a tiny hill overlooking a bejewelled green lake. ‘Fragrant sun’ is a simple yet elegant extension of Sanjeev and Kavita’s house in the hills. With its restful chairs for contemplation, stacks of spiritual books and lotus motifs there is a subtle hint of divinity running through. What better space to connect with the heart of life?

Accommodation Choice

  • 3 Sharing rooms

  • 1 unisex dormitory with 5 beds and 2 bathrooms

Post Retreat

Often people leave retreats, unable to sustain the practice in daily life. In this retreat, we will practice in a way that it’s easy to live our whole life as a meditation. As Kabir says, ‘the entry point is right where you are’. However, here are some things we will do to help you apply what you have learned.

  • 2 follow up online group sessions to support you

  • Explore the possibility of setting up a sangha to support the practice


"The affairs of the world will go on forever. Do not delay the practice of meditation."

-- Milarepa

Next Steps

As we have limited seats, we request you to Apply if you are interested. We will get in touch with you shortly after we receive your application.

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