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Recommended Meditations

A meditation to help you relax into simply being. Sit comfortably and enjoy this deeply easing practice with Mooji. Get familiar with the space of simply being so that you can return to it anytime you wish, anywhere you are.


Mooji is a spiritual teacher who teaches from the heart, draws from the
Advaita Vedanta philosophy of nondualism.

Tara Brach is a psychologist, author, and teacher of meditation, emotional healing, and spiritual awakening. Here she leads a soothing meditation called the Rain of Self Compassion. This healing practice will teach you how to use mindfulness to support difficult emotions. Inviting self-judgments to relax, self-compassion arises. 

Miracle of Love

Nithya Shanti teaches us how to access the power of love and use it to transform the situations that are troubling in life.  Most people who practice it find very therapeutic to soothe and heal

A simple daily practice of Gratitude which can be done first thing in the morning sitting in bed, the last thing at night or even at your work desk or while traveling, it only takes a few minutes. A beautiful meditation led by a Nithya Shanti. He is an internationally respected spiritual teacher, committed to sharing practical wisdom teachings for happiness.

Kim Eng has created a powerful and practical body movement approach called Presence through Movement. She spends her time teaching alongside Eckhart Tolle at various programs and retreats around the world.

In this 10 minute meditation, she gently brings in breath awareness as a gateway for being in the here and now.

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